Friday, 21 September 2012


I LOVE old things.

Here is a list of old things that I adore...

1. Old Advertising.

Because it makes me feel like these people actually liked their advertising...?

2. Old Toys.

 Because Lizzie is scary, but Dexter is smashing.

3. Old Cookery Items.

 Because it would be impossible to know what cakes and jellies they have held in the past.

4. Old Cases.

Because, again, you'll never know. 

5. Old Books. 

Because, well, of course!

6. My Old Typewriter

 Because it's rather nice. (And I bought it for £2!!)

7. My Old Singer.

Because it's beautiful, solid, and I bought it on the same day as the typewriter for £8!!

8. Old Cameras.

Because - Imagine the photos this took!! 

9. Old Railway Posters

Because they're local. (I don't know if they are really old or just pretending, but we love them all the same!)

10. Old Photos. 

Because they're family. 

There has been a huge fashion for retro and vintage for a long time now. For me, it's less of a fashion and more of an adoration. Fashions come and go, but these objects have so much history in them, and have given many people, including me, a lot of happpiness. So I am 100% sure that when (if) this fashion dies out, I won't be following the new one. I couldn't give some of these things up. 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cross Stitching... not the angry kind...

Is there even an angry kind? Maybe it's like angry sex with the absence of sex... 

ANYWAY... I have long admired the graphic designs of modern cross stitching. And LONG love the designs of Emily Peacock... but that's pretty much where my knowledge of it ended... 

I recently went into a shop in Cambride called Ark... They had a wonderful retro style Cross Stitch sampler. And being of the crafty minded sort, I thought 'I like it, but I want to make it myself!' 

I couldn't even count the amount of times I have said that in my life.

Not many things scare me in the world of making things... but Cross Stitch always has...

Then some people told me how easy it was... I just happened to pick up the most recent copy of Cross Stitcher Magazine... 


  Yup! I single handedly, Cross Stitched a whole butterfly all by myself and I'm very proud! I have now worked out how to do waste knots properly, and it wasn't nearly as hard or scary as I thought it would be! 

And even though it took a whole, hand over day to make... I love it! 

I spent the next few days with nothing on my mind but Cross Stitch (Yeah, I'm cool!) so I was already planning my next one... and here it is (WHY oh why did I learn to do this just as I am going back to university!?) 

 I have a long list of things I want to Cross Stitch. 

Better get on with some research now! (boo!)

Oh deary me...

I haven't been around much recently...

I have been STRESSED.... 

But things have been happening...

It's just that in between work, going to car hospital, student finance, work, dissertation and work...

 It has left little time for blogging... 

And I have unfortunately abandoned my few followers... 


Work has stopped!! (yay) 

And even though Student Finance England are incompetent...

They assure me they are working on it... (We'll see)

I will not abandon you again (no promises... Third year of uni coming up!!)