Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Lust List

Hello, dear readers! 

Today, I bring to you my very first Lust List! This will be a new weekly feature, including everything that I have been lusting over in the creative world since last week! Things I want to buy but can't afford to, things that I want to make but haven't got time to. 


Yellow and Grey Fabric

I have fallen, quite definitley in love with yellow and grey. Add a bit of aqua in there and it's just a feast for the eyes. This is a bundle of four FQ's is £11.45 and is from Fabric Rehab. A website that since discovery, I have looked at multiple times a day. 


Whilst the purple in this fabric isn't quite the bright blue that has got my heart singing, it is still pretty spectacular. I am also loving the geometric patterns at the moment! This is a fabric from a collection by Ellen Luckett Baker, called Quilt Blocks. You can find it on Fabric Rehab here or go to Ellen's blog directly here. This is one that I have ordered... at £1.99 for a FQ I couldn't say no to this! 


I want to make a chevron quilt in yellow, grey, white and aqua. This is a beautiful quilt by The Little Fabric Shop and if you click on that link you'll find the tutorial as well. This tutorial has again, amazed me with the complex look, and the easy solution behind it. (I say easy... but you might not be in a battle with your sewing machine so it might actually be easy for you!) 

Quite a short list this week, I will probably have much longer ones in future... but this week I have actually been doing some uni work so it's probably a good sign that this is quite short!

Have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. I am a fabric fiend too, love Fabric Rehab. x

  2. Hi! You've been very quiet recently. Are you still maintaining this wonderful blog?