Thursday, 11 October 2012

Christmas starts here!

At school, rehearsals for the Christmas carol concert started in September. This used to make me very happy. 

I recently bought the Mollie Makes Christmas book which is quite new out. This book contains all the best things about Mollie Makes - I think the reason I love it is because its FULL of projects (as you would expect). It inspired me to have a totally hand made Christmas as far as decorations go! It is very exciting... 

So I was even happier when I realised my list of things to make was as long as a chocolate bar! Because this meant I could start now! (A chocolate bar doesn't seem long but these things take time! A lot more time than the chocolate would last anyway...)

But never fear! I have started, and not without some weird looks from onlookers when they realised that that was red AND green I was working with... And only red and green. That can only mean one thing!


So this was very VERY easy to make... All it is a normal granny square. You can find patterns for these all over the Internet... And then I did a round of double crochet at the end! The chain it's on is also very simple - I just 30 chain stitches, then from those chains double crocheted along the top of a square. The gaps in between the squares was 10 chain, 30 at the other end and then I went back along in dc. Simple!

Bring on the Christmas music!

P.S. I'm not that crazy. I'm going to wait until 1st December to put on the Christmas music!


  1. Love it. I must make one now. Thanks for another project. LOL

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Haha, there's nothing wrong with another project!! Enjoy :)

  2. So sweet! I found you through instagram. I dont think its too early to start especially if you have a long list :-)

  3. Hi Emma! Ahh what's your IG name?? I'll have to have a look if I haven't already!