Sunday, 5 August 2012

Playing Around

A couple of years ago, I loved rainbow coloured things. Everything had to be rainbowed up. I had rainbow painted bowls and mugs, skirts and dresses. And while I still LOVE colour, I suddenly went off the things which were rainbowy, and moved on to other colour combinations. 

Even when I was little, and i had colouring pencils or felt tips, I would put them out all in a rainbow, anddo a little scribble with each one in order.

I guess it is all part of a natural progression, as we grow, our taste changes. Which is probably partly why people never seem to be happy with the material items we already have. That mug you bought last year was your very favorite and you didn't want to drink out of anything else. Nowadays, you hide that mug at the back of the cupboard, until one sad day, you will either throw it away or it will start a new life somewhere else. (Mother Nana knows about this example very well)

The things I make are crazy with colour, they just don't go in a rainbow anymore.

Now, the other day I was making a present for a friend which started out when I made a Teeny Tiny Heart
a pattern by Lucy over at Attic 24. I LOVE her blog. If you haven't already - go and have a look.

I loved this pattern, but I wanted to make a crochet heart garland, and they were too small. So I did some playing about and tried to adapt this pattern to make some bigger hearts...

 There you can see that the smaller one is the Attic 24 pattern, and the bigger one is mine!
So once I knew what I was doing... this happened

 I then had to find an order to put them in the garland... and after a long time of not being happy with an order, and moving them around, I realised I was slowly putting them into a rainbow!

And I'm very happy I did. I love it, and I extra doubly like the rainbowy goodness!

As I said, this was a present for a friend, so as much as I loved it, I sent it away to her. She even put a picture of it up in her room!

I'm so glad she liked it!

Now I think I'm off to make another one, that spot on our fireplace looks very sad and empty now!


  1. So pretty. Rainbow or not, colour is good.

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