Sunday, 29 July 2012

A few photos to share with you


 My most recent yarn haul!

Choosing a colour to use next is hard....

With no decisions made, I'm still playing around with the border on my granny square blanket. I felt weird thr other day. I was tired and sort of finding it hard to breathe with all this pollen about. I didn't feel like carrying on with my blanket so I just started crocheting and seeing what happened....

 So, of course I ended up making a basket/ bag thingy. I had some King Cole cotton and bamboo yarn I got cheap, but only 100g of green and the same in yellow... so playing around and seeing what happened got me this! If I was going to make it again, I wouldn't have decreased as much when it got to the top bit... partly because it looks a bit holey... partly because the sides don't stand up anymore, and the hole in the middle is getting smaller and smaller.

I have been making progress on both of my blankets though! My Granny Stripe is looking amazing! I'm allowed to say that because it's the colours I love and look amazing. Not that this photo shows them very well... you just have to trust me! But right now I am going to use up some of that yarn I have and is taking up so much space! (Even if it would just be an excuse to buy more!)

Nana xxx

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  1. All lovely yarny goodness pics. Love the granny stripe.