Sunday, 15 July 2012

Happy Sunday!

I am lonely today because after moving out of my studenty house I am living at home with my parents and they have gone off to Latitude Festival (where I should be. Drinking cider and watching theatre and music until gone midnight), and the boyfriend is off shooting people with a BB gun (ugh).

It is quite nice to be alone. But I am going a little bit crazy with the noises from the next door houses. My student house was detatched and off the street so there was virtually no noise (except the passing trains). So noises of people walking around and shutting doors is very odd... I also left the living room last night and stood for a full five minutes in front of the cupboard under the stairs which had the light on inside and locked from the outside - trying to work out why and how it could be on because it definitely was not on last night. We must have a ghost. Then I realised that I went in there that morning to get my coat because it was raining. It was too early to remember! But that is about the extent of how freaked out I have been this weekend so that's quite good going really!!

Whilst I have been alone I have been left with the caring of the chickens. They are new, and quite young, so still make a cheeping noise that chicks make!

I didn't mind going to let them out this morning because it was dry!! Plus - I saw some lovely things on the way...

Then it was definitely time for a cup of tea and breakfast!

The rest of the day has been spent carrying on with my new granny stripe blanket!

I did crochet late into the evening last night though...

And as you can see from these pictures, I went against my original idea to stick to just pinks and light purples and have decided to alternate these with greens and blues! I don't think sticking to one colour is healthy! I just couldn't do it!!

 Once I got to this point, I considered keeping this as a scarf and finishing the ripple. I feel strangely guilty for concentrating on something else when I started the ripple one ages ago... but I do get bored of doing the same pattern over and over again... but this grows so much quicker... but the ripple is much closer to being done and finished... but I can't now abandon this one...

Blankets do not have feelings!! 

Right, I'm going to watch some rubbishy film and carry on with it... just need to decide which one now!


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