Sunday, 22 July 2012

A lovely couple of days

This week I have been working a lot less than for the past two weeks. Which is good for the soul, but not for the bank balance... especially when you spend one of your days off shopping!

Me and mother nana went shopping in Cambridge. Because it's good. And I am mourning it a little bit. It can only have been a month since I moved away but I do miss it. It's good to be in my home town though! Of course, a visit to Cambridge means a visit to Cath Kidston. Which is excellent. If I had loads of money I would spend it all in there.

I have seriously got my eye on the new red spotty pattern, but all I could afford were these bracelets. Which were the best purchase of the day!

There is also a fantastic shop in Cambridge called Ark. It is so lovely and full of retro and vintage style objects for the home, and is a perfect place to shop for a gift for someone. (Or for yourself!)

I was particularly happy with seeing the milk bottle holder thingy thing because I got one at a car boot recently but it's real retro!

It was obviously meant to be, because on the same day, at a different stall they had two retro milk bottles!

They have some good charity shops in Cambridge. I wanted this so so much! It would look great in a retro kitchen!! It was only £100. I don't even know if thats a good or bad amount but I do know that the chairty shop in question is insanely cheap and I would have paid that straight away if I could and had my own kitchen! 


Speaking of car boots, the nana family ventured off in the depths of the night (7.30am) to a HUGE one this morning. It was very successful and the SUN was out. I had almost forgotten what it was. I found lots and lots of goodies!


This was indeed a good carboot, with lots of things to lust over. But we can't have everything! (and these lanterns were £20 each)

However, I was very very very happy with what I did get!

That box of knitting needles was bought because there were some pretty colourful ones in it, and it was £1 for the whole box. When I got it home I realised just how many crochet hooks were inside!! So it was a double whamy good bargain! Also, many many embroidery hoops all for £2 which I fully intend to do something amazing with one day!

Today we were mainly looking out for small items to go in our printers trays which we have before aquired. But more on that later.... I need a cup of tea I think!


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