Thursday, 15 November 2012

Stitching Away

So I have started something else.

I have never really tried hand embroidery before... By looking through some really pretty books has given me the push! It seemed like quite a natural progression from the cross stitch anyway...

I love it.

It's like doodling - which I am awful at. I can only doodle hearts, stars, cups of tea and those weird interlocking Celtic type knit things which look like an S that everyone used to draw in middle school. And stick people.

But doodling with thread! Yaaay!

So I made a toadstool house. Of course. It was meant to be a Christmas decoration, but it's going to live in the Singer all year round. Until I move out of course.

And then I remembered that I acquired some sparkly aida that I didn't think I would ever actually use.... But Christmas is coming you know!

So this happened...

And now... Well now I really need to be getting in with uni work. The amount of work I need to be doing seems to directly correlate with how much I don't want to do it. So this is currently happening.... Happy Thursday everyone!!

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