Thursday, 29 November 2012


I am loving embroidery.

I don't have time to be doing anything crafty... Lots of assessments and boring stuff coming up. But that makes the corners of my mouth point downwards... And that's just not fun! So this is what I did this evening! The patterns are from a book called A Rainbow Of Stitches and its marvelous! Please note! This book is nearly exactly the same as a book called Made In France which is equally as lovely just has a few less designs in. I didn't see this info anywhere on the Amazon page, so ended up buying both! Which was annoying but also now belongs to mother. The book is lovely though! It has a bit of everything in, and is soooo worth the money! 

That's Christmas embroidery hoop art number two done! And it didn't take up a lot of time I should have been spending on work so its all okay!

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  1. Looks great! A rainbow of stitches has been duely been added to my letter to Santa :) I can totally sympathize with the assessment stress, it's all about the quick study break crafting here at the moment too. Good luck with the assessments and keep crafting, the stress relief is good for you! xx