Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Crafty Pay It Forward

Over on Instagram, I recently notices a LOT of the people I follow posting a picture similar to this one...

This is such a nice idea to spread the crafty love to people we have probably never met before! I have already got my five people, from lots of different corners of the world... but I am now offering another person the chance for me to send them something handmade at some point this year! The only catch being that you must leave me a comment on this post, with your email address and a link to somewhere you have also posted this picture (or make up your own) to show that you are also going to pay it forward. Or you can let me know via Instagram (aejclarke)

I hope you, whoever you may be, have a lot of fun paying it forward! 

Have a great day! 


  1. Hi! I'd like something! I follow you on Instagram as "bevurlee" and have posted my pay it forward there! My email is bevurlee @ gmail.com (without spaces). Thanks!!!

  2. My email is ydawyls@gmail.com. I've posted on my IG. Such a fun thing. I plan to do a couple this year!

  3. Yay! I definitely want to take part in this! I follow you as littleaprilshowersjewellery on IG. Ive got 3 spaces left on mine on my IG page if any of you ladies want to join :) just leave your email on the photo x
    oh and my email is little-april-showers-jewellery@hotmail.co.uk

  4. Had sent it earlier and it gone so sent you again, there my email is bryony.tofton@hotmail.co.uk.

  5. Sorry guys! I have to take the first commenter as I did say it was for one more person and this is the only way of being fair. Keep an eye out though! Depending in how quickly I get through these, I might do another one later in the year!

  6. It is a lovely idea. I like to think that if everyone passed on an act of goodwill the whole world would eventually take part and make it a nicer place. I am definitely a dreamer!!