Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Liberty Book of Home Sewing

If you have already read my latest post, you will already know that due to my crazy, and wonderful love affair with craft books, I am going start a weekly(ish) book review! 

And it only make sense to start with the ones I have actually made something out of so I can tell you how easy the instructions are and show you some outcomes! 

And I makes even more sense to start with this... as it is where I got the inspiration to make my quilt! 

 Now of course, Liberty needs no introduction. I desperately want to go the actual shop, but I am poor and London is so expensive to travel to, so I have had to satisfy my need by looking at this book and some notebooks I got from my uni bookshop for free! (A perk). 

Oh, by the way! I got this in The Works for cheap amounts of money so if you pop along there they might still have some! 

HOWEVER, it comes with a warning. The pages of this book WILL make you lust after their fabric. It will. No question about it. If you're not convinced, then read on with care. And don't blame me. 


Told you. And those are just the opening pictures. 

I thought I would carry on by showing you some of my favourite projects from the book...

 Other than these beautiful projects, the book had tutorials for cushions, curtains, bags and aprons. And more. It is split up into four sections - 'Essentials', 'Organisation', Luxury' and 'Sewing Basics'. 

As you may have seen here and here, I am making something similar to this child's cot quilt. 

Look how beautiful! 

I am quadrupling the size of this cot quilt though. Surprising how all the books I have looked at, they are have SMALL hexagon flower quilts. What have I started... 

Now, I have to admit that I like to skip forward in my projects, especially if they are long ones, to try and see if I think I can actually do it! So once I had sewn some of the flowers together, I tried to lay them out and see how they would fit together. This is where the books was less helpful, it could have done with a diagram. So I have had to use my imagination and other Internet sources to figure it out. 

But saying that, the instructions on how to make the hexagons, and how to sew a flower together, and how to put the quilt together are very clear and helpful. 

Overall, I would say that this is a beautiful book which will make you desperate to get to grips with your sewing machine (eek). But, even though it has a section on how to do some of the techniques, that maybe it not for total beginners to learn how to sew. But that doesn't mean beginners shouldn't buy it. Even just for inspiration it is definitely worth it! I can't wait to try out some more projects. But for now I am LOVING making the quilt.

Have a lovely snowy day! I'm going to warm my hands up on a cup of tea I think! 

x x x x x

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