Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Rosehip in the Country

I went to Long Melford the other day. I should have taken some picture whilst I was there, but I didn't take my good camera. Forgetful.

Anyway, we happend to come across a really pretty shop called Rosehip. You can look at their shop page here or look at the blog here. Both are beautiful! The girl I spoke to in the shop said that her parents often go over to France and bring back things to sell in their lovely little shop.

Whilst browsing with my few pennies I managed to find some bargains!

The nightlight candle holder was £4, the two little tea cups with candles in were £1 each! There was a sale on, but even at full price I thought these things were really good value. I also really love the flower families game! I picked that up for £2. I love to look through the cards and identify the flowers, and it works the same as Happy Families - a game I remember playing with my grand dad.

So yeah, if you find yourself in that corner of the world, do have a look inside! You can see many more pictures of their shop on the above links!

Abi x

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